CALL FOR PAPERS: ‘Work-life balance/imbalance: individual, organizational and social experiences’

Abstract Deadline: 30 October 2015 24:00 GMT

Maintaining a proper balance between work and family life is not only an important factor as far as individuals’ subjective well-being is concerned, but it is also an issue deeply related to decisions on child-bearing and to the quality of time one spends with loved ones. Research approaches towards work-life balance are dominated by Western theories, and mostly neglect Central and Eastern Europe. Thus, there is a strong need to incorporate the scientific knowledge deriving from the region which this issue of Intersections EEJSP aims to accomplish. We invite papers that touch upon the work-life balance dilemmas from a Central Eastern European perspective. Both theoretical and empirical papers are welcome. We encourage scholars to submit an abstract of 600-800 words including a short bio and the description of the main question(s) and finding(s) of the paper together with the methodology applied, by October 30th, 2015 through our online submission system ( Authors will receive feedback from the editorial team by November 15, 2015. (Tentative deadline of full paper submission is 29 February 2016.) INTERSECTIONS (The Journal) East European Journal of Society and Politics is a peer reviewed journal which promotes multidisciplinary and comparative thinking on Eastern and Central European societies in a global context. The journal was founded by the Centre for Social Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest and provides an international forum for scholars coming from and/or working on the region. The Journal is committed to the principle of open access, so articles will be available free of charge. All published articles undergo rigorous peer review, based on initial editorial screening and refereeing by at least two anonymous scholars. In case of any further questions contact the Guest Editors: Beáta Nagy (, Zsuzsanna Gering ( and Gábor Király ( If you encounter technical problems please contact István Hegedűs (