Current Sociology Monographs and of the Sage Studies in International Sociology (SSIS)

ISA search for a new editor
deadline: July 31, 2009

The present Editor of the Current Sociology Monographs and of the Sage Studies in International Sociology (SSIS) Book Series, Julia Evetts, will soon complete her term of service. The ISA is now seeking expressions of interest for this position. The new editor will take on responsibilities six months after the search committee has reached a decision.

Please Note:
Since correspondence is generally conducted via e-mail, there is no residence requirement. We are therefore soliciting applications in English, French, or Spanish from ISA members on all the continents. If the candidate chosen is not a native speaker of English, the ISA will provide help in language editing.

Below is further information on the monographs and on the book series, the tasks associated with the editorship and instructions on how to indicate your interest in the appointment.

Current Sociology Monographs

Current Sociology Monographs are published twice a year as part of the portfolio journal Current Sociology. The monographs, which are published in English with abstracts in French and Spanish, are collections of articles on a central theme, initiated by one or more of the ISA Research Committees, RC in this call stands for all the ISA research groups, including WGs, and TGs, or by one or more of the National Associations. Monograph themes are likely to be adapted from conference proceedings, but the papers to be included in the monograph are peer-reviewed. Thus, the monographs reflect the on-going research activities of groups belonging to the ISA.

Sage Studies in International Sociology

Publications in the Sage Studies in International Sociology include Handbooks and collections of articles deemed suitable by Sage. Policy guidelines for choosing series publications are currently under review.

The Editor's Role

The editor should have a vision of the kinds of themes and debates which reflect the dynamic developments of the ISA and contribute to the advance of sociology today.

  1. Current Sociology Monographs

The main responsibility of the editor is managing the receipt and review process for the two monograph issues with the help of an Editorial Board made up of Presidents of ISA RCs.

There are a number of specific tasks related to this responsibility.

  • Updating handouts which explain the series, and seeing to their distribution;
  • Encouraging RCs and NAs to consider submitting proposals;
  • Dealing with queries;
  • Checking that proposals submitted are complete;
  • Sending proposals to reviewers and tracking reviews;
  • Corresponding with editors of the proposals about rejection / acceptance / revisions;
  • Ensuring that editors keep to agreed timetables of work;
  • Checking manuscript submissions when final copy is received;
  • Dealing with Sage deadlines for receipt of copy;
  • Updating the Editorial Board every four years, after elections of new presidents.
  1. Sage Studies in International Sociology

The editor oversees the SSIS book series (currently under review). This includes promoting the book series and acting as intermediary between Sage and author/editors who submit proposals.

In general, the editor of the Current Sociology Monographs and of the SSIS series is a member of the ISA Publications Committee ex officio.

For the annual meetings of the Publications Committee and the Executive Committee, the editor is responsible for

  • preparing a report on the publication activities;
  • presenting an annual budget based on financial records of income from the ISA and expenditures on secretarial assistance, office expenses, etc.

All matters concerning sales, distribution and marketing are handled by Sage Publications and the ISA Secretariat.

Expressions of interest should be submitted to Devorah Kalekin-Fishman, ISA Vice-President for Publications by July, 31, 2009.

Devorah Kalekin-Fishman
Faculty of Education
University of Haifa
Haifa 31905
Fax: +972-4-8240911

In preparing the Expression of Interest, please include

  • an up-dated CV;
  • a summary of your experience relevant to the editorship;
  • ideas for developing the CS monographs and the SSIS book series;
  • information on the level of support your institution will give you in undertaking the role of Editor;
  • a letter of confirmation from your chair or other appropriate university authority