2023 annual meeting

This year theme of the Hungarian Sociological Association conference is crisis. We live in an era of constant crises. Crises hit individuals, communities, and organisations. Still, there are also innovative ways of adapting to them as they become a source of social change and new economic, political, and social solutions. This has prompted some sociologists to re-evaluate conceptual approaches and ideas of social structuring, whereas others attempt to understand the perceptions, effects, and consequences of crises more precisely. More than ever, the role of well-articulated sociological questions and methodologies have become crucial to see and interpret societal responses to the challenges of crises.

The annual conference of the Hungarian Sociological Association is a vital gathering in our profession, which aims to provide an opportunity for as many sociologists (or future sociologists) as possible to share their research and ideas on the above or related issues. Beyond the crisis theme the congress will also initiate debates on various research topics, hypotheses, methods, and results.


CALL FOR ABSTRACTS – Individual submission to sessions and open call

Application deadline: 15 May 2023

Please submit a bilingual (Hungarian and English) abstract. If you do not speak Hungarian send only an English-language abstract.

The organising committee will select the submitted drafts and abstracts.

Publication of the programme and notification of applicants: 1 July 2023

Conference registration and registration fee payment: 1 July - 30 September 2023

Registration fee:


MSZT member

Not MSZT member

Full price

20.000 Ft

25.000 Ft

Without workplace support

15.000 Ft

20.000 Ft

Reduced fee*

10.000 Ft

15.000 Ft


*reduced fee is available for student, pensioner, disabled person, person raising a child under 3, unemployed person


You can apply for the following sessions:

  1. Measuring the crisis
  2. Crisis-mongering as governance (english language session)
  3. Artificial intelligence and social challenges (english language session)
  4. The Sociology of Trust and Distrust
  5. Social effects of the COVID-19 pandemic
  6. Income earning activities of marginalized communities (english language session)
  7. Religions in times of crisis
  8. Social responses to the healthcare crisis
  9. New approach to young People's research in the 21st century
  10. Experiments in sociology
  11. Ecological crisis: social impacts and social responses
  12. Admin data research in social sciences
  13. Beyond the state? Non-state actors in human services sector
  14. Social insecurity, crises, inequalities and social policy in Hungary and Europe: responses, impacts, consequences
  15. Natural Language Processing in Social Sciences
  16. Political participation during crises.
  17. Housing crisis in Hungary
  18. The heteronormative state and the diverse society? (Re)interpretation of sexuality
  19. Crises and/or myths – youth culture
  20. The benefits of the crisis in education
  21. The impact of crises and epidemics on the world of work: challenges, responses and deepening inequalities
  • PhD session (english language session)
  • Open call session


A participant may give one presentation and co-author one additional presentation.

The expected length of the presentations is 15 minutes

Formal requirements for abstracts:

Title of presentation, presenter name, workplace, contact details, name of the section you wish to submit to. The abstract should be between 300 and 500 words, including a brief description of the theoretical background, the research question, the methodology, and the main results.



The Organizers

Hungarian Sociological Association and Corvinus University of Budapest