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Aging Identity. Do Theories Match Experiences? -Gražina Rapolienė

The Political Construction of Old Age in Online Discussions -Márton Bene

Open Innovation in the Performing Arts - Julianna Faludi

Who Is Populist in Central and Eastern Europe? - Bojana Kocijan

The Role of State in Immunization in Lesotho - Emeka E. Obioha - Thope A. Matobo

Dracula and The Rights of Hospitality - Maximiliano E. Korstanje

The Migration Potential of Graduates - Klára Pitó

Nationhood in the Carpathian Region - Kinga Székely

How the Market became Socialized and Social Mission Marketized? - Ákos Bocskor

Peacebuilding in Practice: Local Experience in Two Bosnian Towns - Ali Wazir

On the Social Meaning of Children - Kitti Kutrovácz