7th Conference of the European Sociological Association (ESA) ”Rethinking Inequalities -Science, Technology and the Public”

Date: September 9-12, 2005

Site: Torun, Poland

Organiser: Research Network Sociology of Science and Technology (SSTNET) of the ESA

Topics: Changes in society and in science and technology have led to an erosion of traditional institutional boundaries between these spheres. Generally, the public plays a more decisive role with respect to issues of accountability, responsibility and legitimacy or transparency and democratic control in the process of development of science and technology. Papers are invited which tackle specific aspects of the relationship and interaction of science/technology and the public or which offer a more general discussion of the subject matter.

Language: English

Deadline: February 15, 2005

Contact: Luísa Oliveira (DINÂMIA/ISCTE Lisboa, Portugal): luisa.oliveira@iscte.pt; Franc Mali (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia): Franc.mali@uni-lj.si; Aaro Tupasela (University of Helsinki, Finland): aaro.tupasela@helsinki.fi; Raymund Werle (Max Planck Institut for the Study of Societies, Köln, Germany): We@mpifg.de

Internet: http://www.7thesaconference.umk.pl/,
http://sstnet.iscte.pt/m_news.htm (source: Internet)