Research Network Gender Relations in the Labour Market and the Welfare State

Workshop within the 7 th European Sociological Association Conference "Rethinking inequalities"

Date: September 9-12, 2005

Torun, Poland

Organiser: Univ.Doz.Dr. Eva Cyba, Institut fuer Soziologie, Wien, Austria

The transformations of the political and economic structures have far reaching consequences for the
gender relations and for social inequalities. The restructuring of labour markets and changes in the politics of
states take place both at the national and the global level and transform the power relationship between
political and economic actors. Increasing inequalities between countries, regions, social groups and the genders
can be observed. The situation of women in this respect is ambivalent: There is a growing number of well
educated women in good social positions and at the same time there are more women in precarious jobs or
unemployed. There are tendencies towards equalization on the one hand and pauperisation of women and
increasing inequalities on the other hand. The aim of the workshop is to analyse these processes. In the
planned sessions of the research network the preconditions and consequences of this situation should be
discussed. The connection of macro structural processes in the domain of political and economic transactions
with a more micro oriented research about alterations of the access of men and women to life chances and
changes of the gender relation are of specific interest. Proposals dealing with the following topics and questions
will be preferred : New theoretical approaches explaining the complexity of the gender inequalities; Results of
comparative research on inequalities in different countries and regions in Eastern and Western Europe:
Similarities and differences; Causes and consequences (of different forms) of female migration on gender
relations (in the labour market); The changing role of the (welfare) state in producing and/or reducing
inequalities; Consequences of the neo-liberal cutback of welfare benefits on different groups of women; Political
strategies of nation states and on the European level to overcome gender specific inequalities. Which normative
concepts of equality are discussed and related to questions of distribution and regulation.


Deadline: Februar 15, 2005 (Abstract submission)

Eva Cyba, Institut fuer Soziologie, Universitaet Wien, Rooseveltplatz 2, A-1090 Wien.
Authors will be notified whether their abstracts has been accepted or rejected by March 31, 2005. If
you e-mail your abstract, please follow these instructions: Save it in PC Word format; use your
surname as file name; include your full contact information.