e-nass: e-Network of Academia in Social Sciences "Scientia est potentia"

This e-network aims to deepen communication to prompt further inter/multi-disciplinary dialogue within academic community of social sciences, including professionals and students. The members are enthusiastically encouraged to contribute any relevant announcements of Call for Papers, Fellowships/Scholarships, Conferences, Graduate Programs, Websites, Publications, Summer Schools, Jobs, Internships and etc. valuable for the target group. The list is essentially generalist to cover all branches of social sciences related to a wide geographical content of Eurasia from steppes of Central Asia to European shores neighbouring Atlantic but neither neglecting Middle East nor Balkans and provides numerous links useful for research. Although the primary language of the list is English, contributions in other languages of Latin script are highly welcome. The list, however, discourages any form of discussion or commercial-minded advertisement.

Contact: Murat Cemrek, PhD
E-mail: e-nass-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Internet: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/e-nass/
(source: Balkan Academic News, 01.04.2005)