Section for Sociology of Education


Chair: Péter Tibor Nagy, DSc 
  e-mail: nagy.peter.tibor(at)
  work place: OFI-OPKM, WJLF

Section Secretary: Boreczky Ágnes, CSc
  e-mail: boreczky(at)
  work place: ELTE PPK IPPK


The Division of Sociology of Education aims at advancing the interdisciplinary approach in the study of the relationship between society and education. It includes people who are interested in this approach; such as college and university faculty, teachers, researchers, educational developers, politicians, administrators, as well as students. Non-members are also welcome. Our main activities include the discussion of research results and new scientific publications, the organization of thematic scientific conferences on the issues dealt with in Educatio, and calls for papers to be presented at annual conferences.
Nagy, Péter Tibor, university professor, doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Published studies and books in the field of sociology of education, history of education and sociology of religion (see In his career, he has been mainly affiliated with the Institute of Educational Research (the current Institution for Development and Research in Education), the National Educational Library and Museum, and John Wesley Theological College. Member of the editorial board of Educatio, and the Sub-committee of Educational Sociology and History of Education of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
Ágnes Boreczky, Associate Professor, CSc in Education. Her works combine the approaches of educational sociology and history of education, family sociology and narrative sociology. Her recent research activities have been focused on multicultural education. For some of her latest publications, see She has been teaching at ELTE University, Budapest, since 1993; at present she is a member of the Center for Intercultural Psychology and Education of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology of ELTE University. Member of the Sub-committee of Educational Sociology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.