The Hungarian Sociological Association is an independent scientific organization which involves all of the trends and schools of Hungarian sociology alongside with the students of sociology and those professors and social scientists who apply the science of sociology, its principles and methods, during their work. In its activity, the association counts on the active participation of researchers, with special emphasis on the applications of research results.

It helps to develop Hungarian sociology, to present scientific results and provide information through its annual conferences. It organizes conferences, debates, discussions for domestic and international researchers in order to facilitate and maintain international sociological partnerships.

The association follows the national and international sociological research and its results. It cooperates with the institutions of science and education, to discuss the training and quality of sociology.

Main goals of HSA

  • To provide a free forum for the fundamental questions of the development of Hungarian society, the results of sociological research, the prevalent problems of science and the debate of the relation between science and society.
  • To influence scientific-political decisions in order to lobby for the real values and quality of the discipline.
  • To facilitate the development of sociological theories and methods
  • To make the point of view of sociology more widespread in education, research and scientific life.
  • To give assistance to its members with their scientific activity by providing information and the administration tools for their research and publications.

The HAS, as a member of the International Sociological Association (ISA) and European Sociological Association (ESA) represents Hungarian sociology abroad and provides the related tasks.

The association edited and published the quarterly: “Review of Sociology” between 1994 and 2010. The Review of Sociology was merged with the journal of Szociológiai Szemle (that is in Hungarian language). The issues of the Reiew of Sociology from 2011 are published in the volumes of the Szociológiai Szemle, as the 4th issues.